Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dodgy End of Haiti, a Knocked Up Snow White and Chicken from Kentucky

I have laughed many times so far in March... the following have helped that along a bit.

"Teecha! You must be very rich. You have gold hair!"-student in class

"Your teach is the most interested and fun."-text message from student

"Haiti is located in the mountains of central amerka on the island of hispanola, on the dodgy end."

TOEFL Corrections
The following are selected passages taken from eassays written by my TOEFL students. Question: You have the opportunity to travel to any country for two weeks. Where do you go and why?

"Let's sea a history of greenlnd. There are person name eriko. His name also red hair becuase his hair red. this men looks very disgusting, and bad. actually, he was bad. anyway, so he have leave village begause his neighber. and he can found one island this island cold and actuaaly cold. this greenland."

"They have Thanks-giving Day. There are history. There is mayflower what is the vessel to transport grape wine. In 1609 Christopher Colombus and Polgrims want go America to get liberty of religion. They are Indians. I want go America."

"I want to visit many countries, like Nethuland for breads and windmeals, Africa for safari, America for many playgrounds, Italy for pastas and many pizza, etc. Oh so much countries, I confused."

"I especially love America food culture. Most of American eat fruit juice,cireal for breakfast. Sometimes they have lunchen. They eat meat,fish,disertand soup when they have lunchen.They have tea party.It's famous in Boston.American can freedom with this party. They eat lukewarm tea with cookie,cake,muffin,bisket for Tea Party. It's amongst 10amand330pm with friend, family."

"In my case, I want to go U.S.A., a powerful country. My cousin live in the U.S.A. He said Americans are humorous. Some Americans in aroud me. They are humorous. So, I like their civilization and I want to become intimate. I want go New York, Seattle and Colorado. My favorite singer is live in Seattle, so I want go to the Seattle and comfory him."

"I would like to visit America. America's food is fried chicken from Kentucky, barbecue, steak, hamburger, donut, serial and hot dog. That is my favorite food, too. They are very delicious but,too much eat them become fatness."

Summary Corrections
The following are the essays I have to correct, that are the same prompt as the corrections I have posted before. They are supposed to summarize a book I have not read, and must write 150 words. Here are a few of the best of this week.

the toy soldier peter happy birthday give me give father the Toy Soldier fifthent in the fifhent am one main character toy soldier bale rino see love and licifer see soldier down dowl toy soldier down down down down down down down in mouse see the very down in fish in the toy soliday eat fishing give you the fish go home mother fish cut and toy soldier in earthquake angry and earthquake toy soldier birthday in the stove and die

Snow white is pregnant. but snow white is sex and going strange house. house in seven shoe and seven bed. snow white is tired so she sleep the bed. many time go. seven dwards they see snow white. so they quiet she wake up and live they's house.

Today I write book's name is Peter and the Wolf. This book is to checkout because my english teacher is name Peter. This book in the peter is not good man. Then one day he meet wolf so they gander. They climb the tree hunter the fox, wolf is very kind so wolf hunter with eat. This book is good book. but this look man is be quite friend whisper. peter in book and english teacher different.

And last, but certainly not least

Martin Luther King very his working people may be same the Lincon, he's many excircise. America's black's and white's. Fight disappear a little bit with his exircise is suceece. he working for black's many peoples. maybe working, and white mans right his talking is very nice. These days many many black man has love the Martin Luther King.

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  1. Well, at least we can't confuse you with the Peter from "Peter and the Wolf." Love it!