Monday, December 14, 2009

I've Got Seoul, But I'm Not A Soldier*

I will preface this by saying that I do love my new apartment. This place is TINY! There is one small main room with a twin bed and a mini fridge/gas stove/sink. Off this room is another room the size of a walk in closet with a wardrobe and a washer/drying rack. The bathroom is probably the most entertaining part of the apartment, and is hot pink. When I first arrived, not noticing that there was no shower stall, I turned on the sink faucet to wash my hands... This is when a shower nozzle above my head came on and completely soaked me. The bathroom itself works as the shower stall with a detachable nozzle hanging high on the wall and a drain on the floor. Though it will take a bit before this feels like a natural showering process, it will be really nice to never have to wash my bathroom floor.

When I was getting ready to leave the states I tried to get as much American food as possible thinking that I would have limited options here. I could not have been more wrong. Already I have seen an Outback Steakhouse, Bennigan's, California Pizza Kitchen, KFC, Burger King, Coldstone and a Starbucks. There are also Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins every few blocks.

There is an entire community of 20 something year old English teachers (American and Irish) living in the area, who all seem like really amazing people. Four of us took the subway to Seoul last night to check out the most amazing city I have ever seen. In order to avoid paying for the 30 minute train ride to Seoul, all four of us crammed into a small room called a noraebang. This is a "singing room", which is the Korean version of Karaoke, which is HUGE here. Koreans love to get really, really sloppy drunk and sing their hearts out at a Noraebang whenever they go out.

We got to Seoul and it was FREEZING. This didn't stop us from buying a beer from a street vendor to take with us as we checked out the sites. The entire city was decked out for Christmas with really incredible decorations, and the architechiture every was very impressive. I loved Seoul and can't wait to go back and see more. We ended the night taking a bus back to Suwon and made a final stop at a noraebang to top off the night with a few more songs.

I am loving it here and will be starting my first day of work in just a few hours. I found out I actually am getting a week of training, which is something I was definitely not expecting. I will let you know how it goes soon. Wish me luck! I will be putting up pictures as soon as I have internet in my own apartment.

*Thank you Megan Maguire for the headline.

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  1. EXCELLENT title!!! lol
    Get me your address when you know it. I'll send some fun stuff! :)
    Meanwhile, you look very full and old. haha! Great! The Koreans are clearly going to be perfect for the self-esteem!
    I love the shower/bathroom. Why has no one figured that out over here yet??