Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Now Love Dirt, From Now on and Forever (Back By Popular Demand*)

* Popular demand does in fact mean two people have asked me to post more of these...

As I mentioned a few posts back, one of the most difficult aspects of my teaching job here is attempting to correct essays that one really can't understand at all in the first place. Here are a few of my favorites of the past few days... Keep in mind, these are all supposed to be 150 words or more (the longest I have seen did not break 75) and are supposed to summarize books I have never read. I must then attempt to blindly correct grammar and fix confusing information. They are supposed to be written in complete, flowing sentences. Clearly, I have my work cut out for me.)

There is a farmer, farmeris a wear the red T-shirt. There is mother. mother is weed the dirt and sister made a dessert. Sister is u the Durt unite and break. There is a baby baby is taste the Dirt and baby is will group up effort. There is a water water is a wer the Dirt and chicken is travel barefoot. and peack the dirt. There is a cat. cat is clean and the ful coat. I hate the Dirt because the Dirt is I am the toad. I hop the Dirt. There is a worm. I live in the Dirt. I move in the dirt. There there is a I always sleep and grow. I grow in the dirt. There is a wheat. Myfeet in the dirt. There is a scarecrow. Scarow is thinks 'I very fast" because _____________ we are farm_______________ we are love Dirt from now on forever.

Windy day old woman goes night home a road walked Shoes is went come with and the pants is fly come with the old woman and shirt is fly and come with and cap and glove in fly andcomewith her pumpkin is fly her come with but she house in she sleep now morning old woman look out the end of a scarecrow dark place heed a flaw!

He was Five his many wanted. He wanted to be astronaut, cowboy. And he favorite wat kind of dinosaur, his best friend Mark. And he favorite Want kind bed. Now he six and he want major league baseball player And he have a kind dinosaur and Best friend Mark. He not want a change.

red cap is errabds abd wikf eat grandmother and she shout man man is kell the wolf and seek a grandmother she is dripping andj the wolf is stupid the wolf is hungry the grandmother is old

Flik and Attalike
Atta to gift
Flik what things
But Flik merry--go round
and merry-go-undrella make

Old truck. New car, red truck
Blue Car! Dirty car
Blue and car love.
Mean car. Clean car.
Beep Beep
nice car

More to come!


  1. "There is mother. mother is weed the dirt and sister made a dessert. Sister is u the Durt unite and break."
    "we are love Dirt from now on forever."
    Dude, this kid is fucking DEEP!

  2. HAHA! maybe it's some advanced form of poetry that you just haven't figured out yet, Peter. What if these kids are actually SUPER-brilliant....

  3. Peter you make my life complete. A FULL 30 mins in a corner....best punishment ever. When you talked about celebs....did you make them watch the jane day clip?!?!

  4. Is it sad that I can recognize at least two stories from your children's work? Possibly three?

  5. This make me realize what it must have been like to read my french papers in middle school...